Kompass Career Kickstarter Series

2 Award Winning Global Career Coaches ֍ A Conversational Video Series ֍ Your Job Search Strategy ֍ Downloadable Toolkit ֍ Sample Resumes ֍ Interview Guides ֍ Job Target Maps ֍ & much much more....

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The Purpose of Career Kickstarter

We wanted to give you access to a world class job search strategy and be available to you anytime, anywhere! Find your next role with tools that have worked for individuals at all levels from over 140 countries across 5 continents.

Your Virtual Series

We are delighted to bring you 4 hours of video content critically designed to help develop your career job search strategy! 

Your Coaches

With a combined 50 years of global coaching experience, Gaj Ravichandra and Peter Hill will guide you towards that next role!

8 Essential Modules

Modules in Self-Assessment, Target Mapping, Personal Brand: Resume & LinkedIn, Interview and Negotiation skills will be covered!

Your Resources

Downloadable tools will be made available including sample resumes, interview guides, job target plans, package negotiation frameworks and networking contact lists.

CLICK HERE to access job search tools that have helped 10,000+ people find their next job!

"I find the Kickstarter Series to be an incredibly useful guide, not only for job seekers but for every professional looking to work on their mental toughness and resilience through their job search. The tools provided can be easily amended and applied in my day to day Sales role and allow me to stay focused and assess my performance."

George Calin
Sales Enthusiast, EMBA, Entrepreneur

"This Kompass Career Kickstarter Series is a professional and dedicated course, including a package of tools for job search strategy and guidance given to help your success step by step. The course is easy to understood and absorbed through lots of amazing practical stories shared by Gaj Ravichandra and Peter Hill. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the learning of this module, which is really incredibly helpful on the deep understanding of my key values and motivators through to the model of mental toughness, and my personal branding through the utilization of the tools. I feel much better prepared and confident to start my job search journey. I would highly recommend this course to any businesses and job seekers."

Evie Lin
Project Leader - Purchasing

"This series is a great tool for anyone feeling stuck in their current job search or thinking about a career transition. The content is planned out in a very strategic way, from understanding the basics to converting that interview into an offer (and even more!). Peter and Gaj provide an ample amount of downloadable materials which can be utilized at your own time, and share plenty of motivating real-life success stories. Now I feel confident picking up those interview calls. Thank you very much for your relevant advice and clear guidance, Gaj and Peter!"

Assel Zhengisbayeva
Marketing, Communications, Strategy, Web development

"The Kompass Career Kickstarter Series is the real deal. I used this to help prepare for my recent interviews and learned an incredible amount of interview strategies. I am proud to say that I received the offer and will be joining Google this June. I am grateful for the plethora of resources and topics that both Gaj and Peter have made openly available and accessible for all members, and I look forward to using their guidance to stay relevant and launch a meaningful career."

Zachary Benetatos
Incoming Google Business Intern

"The Kompass Career Kickstarter shares a bulletproof methodology accessible to anyone who wants more out of their career. Whether you're a recent graduate looking for your best first step or an experienced professional looking for your next big leap, this program provides a useful framework that will keep you moving forward. Peter and Gaj lay the content out in an easy to follow, enjoyable format that will help you measure your progress while having some fun along the way. "

Ryan Cox
Managing Director & Consultant

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